Sunday, November 14, 2010

Experience Family Camping in France

Experiencing France for the first time is something every family should try. Touring the main cities and seeing the known landmarks can be quite a memorable experience, but what’s more exciting awaits outside the busy streets of the urban landscape. A family camping experience in France is a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while at the same time getting a chance to see France in a whole new light.

The country’s rural landscape, scenic vineyards, valleys, beaches, and mountain landscapes can give your family the perfect holiday memory that will last a lifetime.

However, bringing your whole family to France for a holiday camping trip can be quite tricky. This is especially true when you are on a budget. This means you may have to look for various means to shave the expenses. You will need to plan the trip in advance to get discount airline tickets. Planning ahead will also help you find a good campsite and will give you some time to book or reserve camp accommodations if necessary.

Some campsites in France do require advance bookings, especially the more popular ones that have a limit to the number of campers allowed at the site. Nonetheless, there are smaller and more personal campsites scattered in France so I do believe that you will not fail in getting a campsite for your family.

Probably the best way to go about selecting a campsite is to decide where in France you would like to visit. Brittany, for example, has several great campsites that offer discount prices for family campers and tourists alike. It is a good idea to decide ahead of time so that the experience becomes worthwhile and memorable.

After you decide where to go, it would be a good idea to determine the best time to go. May to September is usually the open season for campsites in France with July and August being the most ideal time due to the wonderful weather during these two months. You will find more entertainment and attractions open in these two months, so if you want a more quiet vacation for your family, you might want to book earlier in the season or even in September.

When you set out for France be sure to bring your camping gear with you although some campsites do have camping facilities including tents or similar camping accommodations. It would be best to ask the campsite for details regarding the facilities and services being offered so you will know the specific camping gear and equipment you should bring. If you opt for a campsite that offers the bare necessities, then it is recommended that you bring all of your camping gear with you. Camping equipment can be quite expensive to purchase in France, especially during the peak season.

A family camping experience in France is something you can tell to your grandchildren. It is definitely a great and unique experience. It is also a good vacation trip that is certain, with proper planning, that your whole family will enjoy.

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