Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Countries With The Best Climate #7 -- Argentina

Here is #7 for Countries where the weather is perfect year round according to Jackie Flynn. Seventh place belongs to Argentina.

Argentina’s climate ranges from subtropical in the north to humid and steamy in the center to cold and temperate in the south. The Andes region has erratic rainfall, flash floods in summer, searing heat, snow at higher elevations, and the Zonda—a hot, dry wind.

The lowlands receive sufficient rainfall to support swampy forests and upland savanna, but rainfall decreases from east to west. Shallow summer flooding is common in the east. Also, the dry winter season is pronounced, and the summer heat can be brutal. The flat Pampas areas are also vulnerable to flooding. Patagonia is mild yearround in the east and glacial in the south.

“The Short San Juan Summer” is an unusual meteorological phenomena that occurs in June in the middle of Argentina’s winter. The inhabitants of Buenos Aires gave it this name because it reaches the area by June 24, the date when San Juan el Bautista was born. This weather rarity can last between three and seven days with temperatures sometimes as high as 75°F (24°C). Therefore, it is not unusual to see people lying in the sun at city’s squares in the middle of the Argentine winter.

While it is summer in North America, it is winter in South America.

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