Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marking Your Presence through Forums

Being involved in the business of network, you will know that participating in forums is an effective way to grow your downline if you do forum marketing the right way. If you are using forums to build your downline, there are two basic things you must do regularly to get hundreds of your target audience interested in checking you out and joining your team.

Regular Participation

Inability to use forum marketing everyday is overlooked quite often. Most people think after joining a forum and participating for a few days that people will check them out. Unfortunately, they generate no leads because you must post regularly before anybody will check you out.

Here is what you should do for maximum results. First, locate three to five forums that are in your network marketing field by searching on Google. By doing this you will get a list of recommended forums to join and participate in.

While doing your search make sure you look for forums that have at least 10,000 members. This will increase your chances of getting enough traffic that will subsequently pay for the time you have spent posting on the forum.

Next, prepare a good signature through your profile settings. Create something that will get everybody’s attention towards you after reading your posts. However, do not overtly try to advertise your signature, but rather be subtle and get the message across. Every little detail you think will add to your credibility should be added in your profile.

Once you have done this, introduce yourself to the community. After that make sure you regularly post on the forum. Traffic will not come if you have not regularly posted on the forums for at least 2 weeks.

Only Post High Quality Content

Every day you will encounter new people who will post questions. Try to reply to every post that you have an answer to or an opinion about. Do this for at least 5 people each day on each forum. You can also ask relevant questions yourself for attracting replies so that people will notice your signature link.

Also, try to write posts that are informative and are relevant. This benefits others on the forum. You should also write articles based on your experience. For example, write about topics in areas where you have been successful in getting traffic, or write about any similar useful tip that would help others build their businesses.

Following these two tips will help make your presence known in the forums, not to mention make you highly reputable. Others will come to you with questions if they feel you will greatly benefit them.

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