Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Countries With The Best Climate

When traveling oversees, we want to go to places where the sun shines most of the time, and not someplace with a lot of rain, snow, sleet, or any other weather that makes us miserable.

According to Jackie Flynn, publisher of International Living, "some people like to have a sharp, cold winter followed by a long, warm summer. Others want to eliminate the cold altogether and have sun year-round. And others prefer a more temperate climate…not too hot, not too cold, just somewhere in between."

So the question for you is, what is the best climate in the world? Do you want moderately warm temperatures with sunshine and a nice breeze from the sea?

International Living came up with a list of the top countries where the climate is perfect. They have also included a brief description of those countries as to why to weather is great there.

So for the next several months, Central Market Exchange will tell you which countries they are and a little bit about why the weather's so nice there.

So stay tuned as we tell you about those countries!

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